About DesignLight

DesignLight acts as a manufacturer's representative for approximately 80 lighting fixture manufacturers. We typically operate in areas throughout Middle Tennessee (between Monteagle, TN, the Kentucky border and the Tennessee River as far as Cookeville, TN).

The clients that we traditionally serve include:

Once an Architect or Engineer selects a product from one of our manufacturers, our quotations staff will provide product information and pricing to the Electrical Distributor for that particular job. When that product is ready to be ordered, our order entry staff process the order and handle verification, shipments and tracking.

It is our goal to keep specifiers informed about current and upcoming products in all areas of commercial lighting. In addition, we strive to continually educate ourselves so that we may be a resource of up-to-the-minute information for specifiers and clients. We also distribute literature, demonstrate samples, and arrange for factory representatives to visit and share their knowledge and expertise with specifiers.

We are able to provide lighting calculations to specifiers so that proper considerations can be made with regards to lighting selections versus current light levels in a given environment. This ensures that correct light levels are achieved upon installation.


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